Friday, December 18, 2009

My other Life...

I love painting, it has been my work now since 1999 , I will always love to paint, though sometimes you need a change. My other love , Vintage textiles, lace, old tattered fabrics. I love creating beautiful things out of old worn pieces. Have you stopped by my Paris Rags? You will understand why I haven't posted too much on this blog! I wish I had more time to do both full time but , it's impossible....Here are some items I made from our recent show and other items in my Etsy boutique. As the economy changes our priorities change in what we purchase. I find women will buy something beautiful to adorn themselves more than they would buy a painting for their home. I have also found that the things I make that women wear touch their heart , it becomes sentimental when it touches the skin and makes them feel beautiful. My heart flutters each time a customer emails gushing over a piece that they purchased, it means so much to me and feeds my burning desire to create something special for someone. So if you come to visit and I haven't posted, you know where I am just another click away , so pop over and say hi!! Much Love, Kimberlyxoxo

Friday, November 27, 2009

Fab Finds!

Bon Jour ! How are you all this weekend? I hope full and happy , I know I love Turkey dinner, it was my Grammas favorite dish , my moms too! Runs in the family :) Here are a few pretties I painted and made for the website. This fab pediment has a plate groove at top for plate display. I love painting and was ready to fill this pediment up with sweet roses. Take a minute to visit Paris Rags Blog to see pics of our Flea Market Show! Have a wonderful weekend! Hugs, Kimberly

Friday, November 13, 2009


This is a sweet shelf I just finished's so sweet I love it. My husband made the shelf from my sketches of an old 1800's shelf I fell in love with. Were busy getting ready for our Mount Dora Extravaganza, this time we will have much more than last year I'm exited mainly to set up and soon as 10 am strikes I'm on the field hunting for treasures while hubby mans the Tent LOL! Happy weekend everyone. If you don't know what the extravaganza is, here is the link for the Renningers Antique fair in beautiful historical Mount Dora, Fl . I love the town is so sweet and full of antiques and Bed & Breakfast Inns.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Sweet Treasures & Contest Re-Do

My facination with little nests and eggs continues.....You can see my pretty Contest Re-do in my last post, it came out so pretty! I love the vintage spools of thread with old lace and burlap, they are so sweet. If you have been keeping up with my ParisRags blog, you'll know we are getting ready for The Mount Dora Extravaganza November 20-23 I hope you will come visit, our text this year will be so beautiful I can't wait! Thanks so much for stopping by,,,I always love comments if you have a second, hope you all are happy and well, Hugs, Kimberly

Sunday, October 18, 2009

ohhh Lala Contest! UPDATE 10/31

AFTER!!! I had so much fun with the different shades of blue, and did a Verdigris patina on the scroll work and crevices , the sweet little birds nest is divine I love it! As you know I have a love of nests' and little birdies. Go to Fifi's blog to see all the amazing makeovers, I hope I will be in the top 14 ! Wish me luck!!

I'm so exited to take part in Fifi's contest, I'll be redoing a old sewing cabinet that is in pretty bad condition right now, I cant wait to finish it and show you all the results at the end of the contest. You all can join in too, hurry it ends Oct 31st ,it will be thrilling to see all the finished pieces, Fifi's link is up on my sidebar , wish me luck!!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Marie Antoinette

Here is a lovley vintage italian box I dedicated to Queen Marie, it came out so pretty! I hate painting over the antique gold patina's so this was fitting for a Marie piece. It's amazing how her lifestyle inspired so many beautiful creations. I recently saw an amazing fan created with Marie images, i'll have to find it again, just crazy beautiful. Hope all of you are getting some cooler weather, were still in a hot box here in Florida! Wish you all a lovely week ahead! Hugs, Kimberly

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Mary Travers, 1936-2009

Mary Travers, 1936-2009, originally uploaded by Roadsidepictures.

So sorry to hear of Mary;s passing, she had a beautiful voice....Growing up Peter , paul &Mary were a big part of our life. Dad played guitar and always sang their songs. Dad took me to see them quite a few years back, they were great. Well miss your beautiful voice!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Summer Greetings!

Hi there! Been a while since my last post, life is so whirlwind isn't it? I managed to finish some projects as seen in the photos, a Cottage bench, wash stand, and vintage pillar column. They all came out so pretty! Other than painting, just sewing, cleaning and some home improvements, as always. I did get a new cell phone this week a razr, I wanted a blackberry but at 500 that was out of my budget range, but the razr is great too, I can get my email and go web surfing, I'm so happy about that! As they say your Always Connected ! That's me now, I guess....I had grand plans of finishing my book this summer but I'm only one woman so not sure when exactly. We have plans for a DVD ( Learning how to paint roses) Part of a book and DVD collection, Paint your "Art" Out ! My new book Title is Embellish Your "Art" Out! The DVD is nerve racking since I'm not a fan of being on camera, Yikes. I'm not teaching one stroke, but my different techniques I've learned after 12 years of oil painting. These projects will be finished soon, I'm hopeful....Since I home school I have to work around that schedule , Micayla is now in 6Th grade, so lots of science projects this year. Have a happy rest of summer , make every minute count!! Hugs , Kimberly

Friday, June 19, 2009

It's the WEEKEND!

I always look forward to the weekend, this weekend we are having a yard sale, time to get rid of the clutter, I don't have too much clutter just enough to drive you crazy, or me crazy, I've gotten a little neurotic in my young age of 42 well almost 42 June 30Th. Here are a few things I have been working on. I love the lilacs painting and the little cottage painting. So sweet..... Wish me luck at the yard sale, should be fun though it's so hot here in Jacksonville you can hardly breath in the heat of the day. I picked up my new issue of Romantic Country magazine today it's just full of beauty.... perhaps the best magazine issue ever, home after home wow, usually the other magazines just shoot the same home or shop time after time, it gets boring,I'm so happy Romantic Country has Ms . Fifi, she is very talented, great style and seems so sweet to boot! She's making these Metal primitive hearts customized , which I will get one of , when she has more time, which is very rare I'm sure, still thinking of what I want mine to say, they are adorable, I cant imagine they are easy to make either! Stop by and see Fifi's Hearts, I'm sure it's nothing new to you all, if you blog you know who Fifi is! Happy weekend , thanks for taking the time to visit me , love comments too!! Hugs,

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Painting Again......

Lately I have been consumed with our new little venture ParisRags.....I haven't painted much....I suddenly had the desire to paint! So here are a few pretties and some mosaic work i did, another craft I love, it's so relaxing you can't imagine! I finished three pieces in one night with the exception of grouting and sealing them. I've added so many things to the website, little treasures I've treasured for a while and new found pretties. I only wish I could stick with one art form, and be really great at it. I seem to have so many crafts up in the air....I have two antique Boothe's here in Jacksonville 2 websites, ebay auctions, Etsy shop and sell a few things here and there on Craigslist! You might think I was rich by now :) Thanks for stopping by to read my little blog, hope you have a great week!

Friday, May 15, 2009

NEW WEBSITE OPEN! Join our Giveaway!

It's finally up and running! Click banner to the right to see our new open site!! Come join our ParisRags Giveaway for the beautiful Marie Cuff designed and made by myself:) Thanks everyone, and Thanks to my husband who made this all possible!! Luv ya:) Kimberly

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Our New Website Opening May 15th!

Dear Friends! Most of you know I have been working hard on my new website items for ....I have always loved Romantic clothing and accessories, as a young girl I would make allot of ( adjustments) to my wardrobe :) My mom would say I chopped all my clothes up to my liking! I have been painting and will continue painting my roses on but will also be sewing and creating beautiful wearable art using old vintage lace, millinery and all beautiful vintage scraps and pieces. While most of my inventory I have made, we will be on the hunt for the most romantic apparel we can find. I hope you will visit my Paris Rags Blog and leave a comment for a chance to win a custom Marie Antoinette French inspired cuff that I will hand make myself! I'll be posting photos of it May 15Th. Anyone who will post my Grand Opening banner will receive a 10.00 Gift Certificate for anything on my website! I'm so thrilled and hope you will help spread the word. The first few pages of the site are open now so take a peek at the preview! Thanks so much for coming to visit

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Pretty Treasures!

I love finding old treasures, isn't this vintage blue lace bed jacket amazing! The ribbon and lace are so romantic.I finally found a use for a beautiful French lace doily I had, I attached to my boudoir dress form, I dress her up all the time, a giant Barbie lol I never grew out of the Barbie doll stage. Have you seen such a gorgeous antique hand painted vase? I was in awe the day I found this, the roses are Perfection.....lastly, a little mini dress form that I just finished for the website, I made a dress out of antique lace and a ruffle slip. She came out so pretty I want to keep her! Well those are my little treasures , made and found. Nothing earth shattering just for fun, have a wonderful weekend! Kimberly

Thursday, April 2, 2009

New Look & other Stuffy stuff!

Been a while since my last post! Busy, tired, blah...I guess we all feel that way sometimes... Like my new background! Isnt it beautiful, click the little banner top left for lots of them to choose from, she does an awesome job, I added a super beauty to my Paris Rags blog too!! Be sure to take a look, the link is to the right.
My Mom was here visiting us for a few weeks and it was fun, hated to see her leave especially since my little one went back with her! Snif snif..... Anyway , I made her a pretty over the top lace cuff seen here in the first pic.....she has been wanting one to photograph her antique filigree rings. It's a nice touch. She has some amazing antique Filigree 14 wt gold rings and treasures up now for incredibly low prices. Take a peek HERE .
I'v added some pretty items to my shabbyrosestudio Ebay site including this hand made tiny jeweled crown....they are so pretty to collect in your vitrines or on your statues... Are you a Dancing with the stars fan? PLEASE! VOTE FOR GILLES!!! Great dancing there..... The other photo is a Corset cuff that will soon be available on my new website PARIS Check out my paris rags blog, I always add my new designs to it .....My tired self will be back soon to post, thanks everyone for comments, It really cheers me up!!! Hugs, Kimberly