Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Let us Eat CAKE!

Do you love Marie Antoinette? Do you love Cake? Do you love to dress up in beautiful gowns? Would you love to learn how to make beautiful Marie inspired art? Would you like to meet me! Well, just thought I'd throw that in lol Like I'm so exiting ha! But, if you need a weekend of fun, just for you then you must attend my friend Cassandra's Marie Event February 2011! GO HERE for all the wonderful details!! I can't wait!! All the beautiful details and other instructors you will want to meet! I'm most exited to dress up in a ball gown! When do you ever get to do that right? You will get a sneak peek at my take home project. Sure to be so much fun, please join us, make plans, food, fun, romance, creativity all in honor of the Queen Marie who inspires so much creativity in all of us. Hope to see you !! Kimberly