Tuesday, August 14, 2007

NEW Canvas Print! Welcome "Garland Dreams"!

This is ever so beautiful ! My new canvas print taken from my completed "Garland Dreams" I love looking at it! What kind of artist would i be without my own version of a garland painting:) I'm curently taking wholesale orders for it as well as retail. This one is so beautiful with the robins egg blue , soft detailed pink roses , love birds and hint of lavender wild flowers. I only hope this new relese will bring alot of ohhs and ahhs! Let me know what you think :)

Friday, August 10, 2007

Tons Of Roses!

Hi everyone! Lots of handpainted roses,mosaics &Famed Romantic rose prints were added to the website tonight! We have been busy for sure hope everyone finds something special to treasure :) The office saga continues as i have found (thanks to my hubby) a beautiful Pink, Yes Pink office chair! Staples gets a high five from me:) Have a fun weekend, well be getting more pretty items ready to add to the website!

Thursday, August 9, 2007

New Studio

This week has been so busy painting , organizing you name it, my husband took off a week from work to help me around the home. We finished my studio office room finally! It came out so lovely so i thought i'd show off my husbands handy work :) He painted it a pale blue and added shelves and chippy iron brackets, it looks fantastic with all my pink roses. I love entering the room it's so me , blues and pinks. The room is also where my daughter will study at her desk and be able to look out the huge window into the back yard of hydrangeas and other pretty plants n trees. So different from a normal classroom! She hasnt seen it yet and will be so exited when she returns home with my parents. My new prints are almost ready , husband is making the antique molding frames as we speak, i'm so exited as they are all printed up and are beautiful! I have a few more hand painted items to add to website tonight and tomorrow to keep an eye out:) Have a rosy evening!

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Sweet Roses Of Summer

Wow i cant believe summer is almost over.... i still have so much to do but took some time to gather beautiful pale pink roses, china , lace to create lovely vignettes in soft romantic colors. I love Romantic photography if i didnt paint i'm sure this would be my full time passion. I have added a few of my new canvas prints that will be in great chippy molding frames sooon available on the website." While snow is on the ground this winter for some, my art will bring back fond memories of sweet smelling blush pink roses in the warmth of summer". These photos will also be a part of my gift card & tag collection. Look for them soon! Enjoy the pictures ! Back to work for me :)

Saturday, August 4, 2007

Welcome Friends!

Welcome to my new Blogg! August 5th . This week has been a busy one indeed. Painting new items for the website then adding them to the site, it's alot of work not to mention all the household duties! We are looking forward to the next issue of Romantic Country magazine as we are advertising with http://www.beautifulshops.com/ Deb is wonderful to work with i cant wait to see the next add, it has truly brought me alot of new traffic to the website and not to mention some wonderful new customers and friends! As some of you know thru my emails i am only offering my hand painted items on my website, this has worked out well this past week, finally to break free from ebay. It has been great so far but to be able to sell on my own website my husband built for me is truly a blessing. My husband has been making wonderful custom bird houses, cabinet doors,frames etc. All beautiful items for me to paint on, i epecially love the bird houses each one inspires a new design with a mosaic roof with hand painted roses on the front. I love working with the cabinet doors also, they are wonderful for my cottage print Tea & sweets. School is about to start here in Florida august 20th but for my daughter school is at home with me for the first year, we will be starting 4th grade together, i think it will be wonderful for her and myself. So this will leave little time for painting , each item will be few and far between to be able to spend time with my daughter Micayla. What a wonderful business i have to be able to stay at home and love my work. I look forward to painting more beautiful roses for everyone to enjoy!