Sunday, December 23, 2007

Little Treasures

Here are a few little what not's i made last night, i was running on sweet tea till 2 am :) not a good thing i know.... i especially loved this hanging basket, i glued some old handmade lace ,green velvet, buttons and an old rhinestone earring.... voila! The bottle is from Italy , its so heavy but turned out cute too. The last little item was the round treasure box, covered in glitter art paper, creams with lavender and green velvet. It's so sweet. Well, not much of a post tonight oh my it's morning now! I am a night owl, i seem to come alive at night on into the morning, wait , is that dracula? Oh my i better change my habits, i will have to when my little girl comes back home from her Grammas. Mommy misses you! Shabby Kitty does too! Have a lovely week everyone! Kimberly

Friday, December 21, 2007

A new Romance

I really loved creating these pretty wall art plaques. I first started with the sachets, then tags now the wall art! I'm not sure how many i can sell but they were so much fun to make. Allot of work cutting ,gluing, but it was fun, i have a bunch of ideas for them, maybe a wedding cake, baby plaques, all vintage inspired of course, that makes them unique. I also wanted to do a Marie plaque, that would be lovely, well if they don't sell i will enjoy looking at them! Have an idea for one ? Please let me know I'm so inspired by all of you creative women out there! Oh , i forgot to mention Mr. Gable, Clark to me :) Just love this photo...sigh.....
On another note i was so blown away today when visited my sweet friend Lori's website Katie's Rose Cottage , i have always thought her website was so beautiful how could she possibly top it? Well , take a look, its so gorgeous,romantic, wow i love the new look!

Monday, December 17, 2007

Hang tag Therapy

Almost forgot this pretty treasure box, it was so much fun making this....

After a wonderful weekend with my parents visiting they went home Sunday afternoon taking my little girl with them for the holiday break, my little constant companion. I tend to get really sad even when my parents leave, the house suddenly becomes quiet,Husband working,some would think that a good thing but not me. So, to get my mind off things i made some pretty hang / gift tags, i had been wanting to make some for a while. It's so much fun (but a huge mess in my work room awaits cleanup :( )and like my mosaic work it's constant creativity always something new to add,one can never be the same. Its a great change from painting. Hope you all like them! Till later, Kimberly

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Beautiful Marie !

I found the sweetest blog the other day, Pretty in Bleu, it's dedicated to Marie Antoinette. A while back i finally watched the movie with Kirstin Dunst, i loved it. I thought it might be fun to do some graphics using her as inspiration so this is what i came up with , i think it would look so pretty on her blog as a header !

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Vintage style Romance

Here is a sweet Romantic Perfume bottle I embellished, its up here on ebay if you want to see more pics, i love making them, they look so pretty with the box.

This morning i actually woke up because of the bright light coming thru my window, i left the shade up so i wouldnt oversleep, anyway, i put together an order for a customer and decided to set them all on my mantel in our bedroom, so this is what i woke to. I thought how lovely and of course i always have my camera by my side so here are a few pics of my Romantic morning view! I look everywhere for pretty old antique photos, paintings you name it so that we can reproduce them on stretched canvas, one ebayer for instance, was so kind to send me a huge file of the canvas on the right so i could make it 10x14. I think they look so pretty and the sides are printed for the old painting affect, you really dont need a frame for them, they are charming. I really dont know of anyone else doing this , especially on stretched canvas. I'm always thrilled to find a great old painting to reproduce. If any of you out there want to share some photos of your old beauties please send!! I have quite a collection so far. They are the next best thing to having the originals! Have you heard of RATE MY SPACE on HDTV ? This is so much fun, i posted some pics of my bedroom today so take a look!

Monday, December 3, 2007

Treasure box Romance

Here is a sweet treat, my husband said this treasure box looks like a cake! I was so inspired by all the pretty designs in my last post i wanted to make this lovely treasure box with all my lace and such, i made a pretty Victorian hang tag to go along with it you can see more pics here !