Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Summer painting !

Hello sweet reader, thanks for stopping by :) Your always welcome. This summer I have taken my brush a travilin a true gypsy painter :) My first stop was in mount Dora, Karen's Kozy Kottage! I painted her a lovely sign for her new summer place, along with some furniture...I spent the day in quited in that quaint little town I love.....the second stop was another of my most favorite places, St. Augustine Fl, the home of my customer and now sweet buddy Michelle. She had a fab idea of painting her closet doors in a royal Marie Antoinette fashion. The duke & duchess as their friends call them. I think the doors came out lovely....though a challenge standing up painting for hours, I did manage to take a break and eat dinner! Michelle is a fabulous cook! Another project was sent to me, 2 huge ,giant,humongous mirrors!!! Did I say they were huge? I finished one and its now ready to ship yay!! Beautiful french mirror with tons of roses. Now on to the larger one whew! Another project was painting some beautiful ceiling tins my father made. Sooo lovely . Besides that we are getting our second summer line ready to list on Paris Rags.com What a busy summer....but productive :) Till next time!! Hugs to you all, love, Kimberly

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Let us Eat CAKE!

Do you love Marie Antoinette? Do you love Cake? Do you love to dress up in beautiful gowns? Would you love to learn how to make beautiful Marie inspired art? Would you like to meet me! Well, just thought I'd throw that in lol Like I'm so exiting ha! But, if you need a weekend of fun, just for you then you must attend my friend Cassandra's Marie Event February 2011! GO HERE for all the wonderful details!! I can't wait!! All the beautiful details and other instructors you will want to meet! I'm most exited to dress up in a ball gown! When do you ever get to do that right? You will get a sneak peek at my take home project. Sure to be so much fun, please join us, make plans, food, fun, romance, creativity all in honor of the Queen Marie who inspires so much creativity in all of us. Hope to see you !! Kimberly

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Ceiling tin art

Its been so long since my last post here! Don't you hate it when you keep checking your favorite blogs and they are still the same from the last month! Anyway, glad to visit with you all, today's post is actually not about my art but my Dad's art. He told me he was doing a few ceiling tin pieces and wanted to show them to me, well I about died when I saw how beautiful and unique they were. He took them to show last month , they are amazing, shelves, hooks, hand carved mirrors, the prettiest colors you have ever seen. He is a color mixing expert as he repairs leather in boats, planes ,cars etc. A great eye for mixing colors. He has started a blog so pop over and visit GOLDEN ERA ART I have a feeling you will be seeing more of his work in magazines soon, His last name is Golden hence, Golden Era Art pretty catchy right. Thanks for stopping by! Hugs, Kimberly

Friday, January 22, 2010

Exiting Giveaway & new Website Updates

Hi Friends! Hope everyone is well and happy! My Friend Janet( Shabbyfufu) is having an exiting Giveaway! This beautiful Ashwell decorating book, hop on over to enter her 200th post Giveaway!!! If you stop by the Shabbyrosestudio website you will find a new look for 2010, easier and more catagories, it's fresh and I love it. We now have a clearance tab, for those rock bottom prices we love:) So stop by and take a peek, you might find something you love!

Friday, December 18, 2009

My other Life...

I love painting, it has been my work now since 1999 , I will always love to paint, though sometimes you need a change. My other love , Vintage textiles, lace, old tattered fabrics. I love creating beautiful things out of old worn pieces. Have you stopped by my Paris Rags? You will understand why I haven't posted too much on this blog! I wish I had more time to do both full time but , it's impossible....Here are some items I made from our recent show and other items in my Etsy boutique. As the economy changes our priorities change in what we purchase. I find women will buy something beautiful to adorn themselves more than they would buy a painting for their home. I have also found that the things I make that women wear touch their heart , it becomes sentimental when it touches the skin and makes them feel beautiful. My heart flutters each time a customer emails gushing over a piece that they purchased, it means so much to me and feeds my burning desire to create something special for someone. So if you come to visit and I haven't posted, you know where I am just another click away , so pop over and say hi!! Much Love, Kimberlyxoxo

Friday, November 27, 2009

Fab Finds!

Bon Jour ! How are you all this weekend? I hope full and happy , I know I love Turkey dinner, it was my Grammas favorite dish , my moms too! Runs in the family :) Here are a few pretties I painted and made for the website. This fab pediment has a plate groove at top for plate display. I love painting and was ready to fill this pediment up with sweet roses. Take a minute to visit Paris Rags Blog to see pics of our Flea Market Show! Have a wonderful weekend! Hugs, Kimberly

Friday, November 13, 2009


This is a sweet shelf I just finished ...it's so sweet I love it. My husband made the shelf from my sketches of an old 1800's shelf I fell in love with. Were busy getting ready for our Mount Dora Extravaganza, this time we will have much more than last year I'm exited mainly to set up and soon as 10 am strikes I'm on the field hunting for treasures while hubby mans the Tent LOL! Happy weekend everyone. If you don't know what the extravaganza is, here is the link for the Renningers Antique fair in beautiful historical Mount Dora, Fl . I love the town is so sweet and full of antiques and Bed & Breakfast Inns.