Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Are You a Gypsy Queen of Paris ??

I'm in such a parisian mood these days, you know me always thinking , trying out new ways to use my creativity, now I'm dreaming of Gypsy Parisian ellements to sew! Is there even a Gypsy PArisian? Well, maybe I just made her up, Something like if Marie Antoinette hadnt been executed but just put out of her home with nothing but her old clothes and she had to sew them all together to create some kind of fashion? Sound silly? I'm silly I know but crazy as it may be I have been sewing all maries Rags, thus the new website name PARIS RAGS, I'm having a blast for now, havent made much money yet thats the downer but maybe it will catch on....This january 16-19 we will have our first tent shop at the Mount Dora Extravaganza, I hope some of you will be able to come!! So far I have bags, clothes, Rag Bands, pillows and some odds n ends I'm offering....Along with all my hand painted roses, furniture, artwork....needless to say, I'm a painting sewing crazy fool~ Anyway, Hope you will visit my new blog here . Paris Rags will be opening on the web hopefully in January, me and hubby are working on it each night , here is the banner part of it, I think it came out beautiful after quite a few versions... Have a wonderful day and thanks so much for stopping by to visit!! Hugs, Kimberly

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Treasures I love

I played with all kinds of tools to make this photo, at Picnik.com I love the little birdie!

This Lady in the roses pretty much expresses how I feel about those shoes:) The photo is from my friend Judy's new blog FRENCH LAUNDRY go say hi!

These are my antique lace Journals, made with my coveted antique paper doilies! Then embellished them....so romantic... they are on my website if anyone has to have one.....they are so beautiful, even the inside has a special surprise!

This victorian bride was so much fun to make, I had to stop before I covered the whole thing with embellishments! She is also for sale, though I hate to part with her, the frame is antique. For anyone interested we will have a beautiful full booth at the Mount Dora Antiques Extravaganza January 14-16, its near Orlando Fl.....Beautiful historical town. My covered shop will be packed full of hand painted furniture, art and tons of other pretties! So I will be busy painting till then, I'll post photos of all the treasures! Blessings to all, Kimberly

Monday, December 8, 2008

Whirlwind days

I dont know about you but boy the days go by so fast, I dont seem to have time for anything but work and of course home schooling. I'm a Flickr addict I think lol . I have been posting most of my new work to Flickr I forget that alot of you might not go there! So I'll post some of the things I have been working on or are now up for sale. I get into different moods of art, sometimes I can paint till I drop, then I turn to embellishing, which my book is about, hopefully it will be finished end of this coming summer, it's just too much to work on it all the time and still work and school, etc. This summer I can get down to business.... Then I get in my sewing moods, which I am into right now, I love vintage Gypsy style clothing, and accesories, I'v been on the hunt for old lace to shred up :) I recently sold some of my work to singer, actress,fashionista Courtney Love, after I saw what she was buying on Etsy I was really inspired to do more sewing, she really has termendous style for beautiful antique inspired clothes. I never would have guessed. Very sweet too. Anyway , I love creating vintage inspired wareable art, jewelry you get it right. I have listed tons of my new things on etsy, so many incredible artists , you'll have to click on my favorites to see some of the items, wow....... I'll add the Link here to my Etsy page, let me know what you think. I go back and forth with my crazy ideas hopeing one day I'll make something everyone has to have!! I keep trying , this brain never stops ( hence the need for stress vitamins) Oh how I wish I could be content to just clean house and have no interest in creating .... guess I wouldnt be me then. Enjoy the photos ! Hugs, Kimberly

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Givaway Winner is!!!!!

BECKY ~ of Lace & Lures! Congrats Becky! I did the Random.Org number Generator Becky was number 25 . Send me over your address Becky and I'll send you all your goodies...... I waited a few more days till anouncing the winner, I guess so many people are busy this time of year, or maybe I'm not the popular blogger lol more than likely both. Anyway, thank you to all you sweet ladies who did stop by to leave a comment, it means alot!