Saturday, March 29, 2008

Are You Green?

Gee how did his picture get in there?? Hmmm well I guess because Carter is a very "Green Guy" :)

Many of you know I love to re-use old furniture , transform it for another life. I hate tossing out things I think that could be re- purposed. Though I am good at that, I think I do need to work on being more Green wise when it comes to the earth. I love all the Green tips Carter Oosterhouse has on his website as well as his show Carter Can on hgtv. One of which is very interesting, did you know that when your tv etc is turned off, it still draws power? All you have to do it unplug your appliances and it will save energy and money! Thats just one tip of hundreds ! MY friend Robin @Paris Bebe fabrics inspired todays post, mentioning that today is turn off your lights for one hour in your house between 8 pm and 9pm Tonight , seems this will happen around the world! I'm not sure I can break away from HGTV or not but will sure try :) Enjoy all the "GREEN " picks and have a wonderful weekend! Kimberly

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Is Pink my Color?

Hi everyone, I have been getting alot of emails regarding the new ShabbyRoseStudio look. I thought it was pretty cool but, alot of my customers think it looked better before? Well, I'm kind of worried, I'm thinking of changing back , the graphics at least, maybe it's just me, I'm changing alot in my old age of 40 getting close to 41. I'm starting to appreciate the value of simplicity, I'v been selling off furniture and stuff that once were pretty treasures now seem like clutter to me, like I cant breath. Maybe watching HGTV 24/7 doesnt help lol I love Candice Olson Divine design, shes one classy designer. Last night I wanted to pack up my paris suite and paint my focal wall chocolate and make a pale aqua damask tufted upholstered headboard! Though if it were just me in the bedroom, I'd head to target and buy all the pale pink n blue bedding from simply shabby chic, soooo dreamy, so I guess shabby chic is still in me, but I love a simple clean easy look, Anyway, back to the website..... PLEASE TAKE THE POLL at top right on this page and help me decide!! Thanks bunches!! Hugs, Kimberly

Friday, March 14, 2008

Banner Designs

I'v had quite a few requests for blog banner designs ( Premade) These turned out so pretty. They are now available on my website, ShabbyRoseStudio I can always add to them but not take away. They are simple and I love the font, I think it's called Selfish one of my favorites. Thanks so much for all of the emails requesting my designs, I'm truly honored since there are so many beautiful graphic art designers out there, some of whom are my friends! Have a great weekend xoxo Kimberly

Monday, March 10, 2008

New Website Up and Running!

Well, alot of hard work my hubby Stephen has put into our website the past month, I think it came out pretty. It's a bit more elegant, it was time for a little change. I love damask and elegant prints, the bow is so pretty too. I'm not one to keep things the same, I always need change, so maybe in a few years well change again! Take a peek at the new site HERE

On another note, let me tell you a funny story. Well , months ago, maybe a year? Hmmm not really sure but my friend Robin Mynatt owner of ParisBebe fabrics kindly let me use one of her fabrics for an ebay graphic banner , well, I used it then asked her lol. But I thought that was so sweet of her. I found out she collected old recipe boxes, so I painted her one, well it took me a long while to get my act together and finish it then send it! Too long I'm ashamed to say :( Anyway finally did it and I checked her blog today and voila! The pictures of it are on her recent post! I'm so thrilled she liked it , go HERE to see her blog, very talented designer and super sweet , the best!

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Pretty Cottage Papers

Just about time for a little short post. I'v been working late nights trying to come up with the next batch of designs. Just finished the patterns for this new set pretty cottagroses. Scrapbook papers,albums,filefolders. No name yet, that will be the next to consider. I have to look for hours to make sure my names for patterns are not taken! Yikes.... Hope everyone is great. I took a small break tonight and visited, Barbara Jacksier, Vintagerosecollection,Lavenderhillstudio,Petticoat Junction and Chez Fifi! I loved all of their posts! Great blogging tonight! Hope to post again soon, take care Hugs, Kimberly ps This is a photo I took of a butterfly, I thought Penny might enjoy it! One of my favorite photos.