Saturday, April 11, 2009

Pretty Treasures!

I love finding old treasures, isn't this vintage blue lace bed jacket amazing! The ribbon and lace are so romantic.I finally found a use for a beautiful French lace doily I had, I attached to my boudoir dress form, I dress her up all the time, a giant Barbie lol I never grew out of the Barbie doll stage. Have you seen such a gorgeous antique hand painted vase? I was in awe the day I found this, the roses are Perfection.....lastly, a little mini dress form that I just finished for the website, I made a dress out of antique lace and a ruffle slip. She came out so pretty I want to keep her! Well those are my little treasures , made and found. Nothing earth shattering just for fun, have a wonderful weekend! Kimberly

Thursday, April 2, 2009

New Look & other Stuffy stuff!

Been a while since my last post! Busy, tired, blah...I guess we all feel that way sometimes... Like my new background! Isnt it beautiful, click the little banner top left for lots of them to choose from, she does an awesome job, I added a super beauty to my Paris Rags blog too!! Be sure to take a look, the link is to the right.
My Mom was here visiting us for a few weeks and it was fun, hated to see her leave especially since my little one went back with her! Snif snif..... Anyway , I made her a pretty over the top lace cuff seen here in the first pic.....she has been wanting one to photograph her antique filigree rings. It's a nice touch. She has some amazing antique Filigree 14 wt gold rings and treasures up now for incredibly low prices. Take a peek HERE .
I'v added some pretty items to my shabbyrosestudio Ebay site including this hand made tiny jeweled crown....they are so pretty to collect in your vitrines or on your statues... Are you a Dancing with the stars fan? PLEASE! VOTE FOR GILLES!!! Great dancing there..... The other photo is a Corset cuff that will soon be available on my new website PARIS Check out my paris rags blog, I always add my new designs to it .....My tired self will be back soon to post, thanks everyone for comments, It really cheers me up!!! Hugs, Kimberly