Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Clothespin Crazy & new Stationery designs

Well, here is a look at my new stationery designs. I hope they go over well with the company, the first ones are pretty too but I love this collection entitled "Antoinette" journals, file folders, scrapbook albums and so much more,well the bride album isn't part of it that was part of the first "Victoria collection" I think they are a nice change from all the whimsy cute stuff on the market now, I love it all but sometimes a touch of elegance is a nice change.Don't worry Pink is in the next batch of designs, even lavender! I also have ideas for teens and pre-teens with bright pinks ,purples, lime greens ,so much going on in my head it's about to explode, better go make some clothespin clips for some fun :)

Below are my latest obsession Clothespin magnet designs!Wow, I love these things, they hold all my scrapbook papers on a ribbon tied across my desk shelves, You can see all of them on my website.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

The New Look, just a Peek!

Things are looking different around here. Here is a sneek peek at my new Website front. The bow with my name over it is the new logo for the business. I love it, so let me know what you all think. Just a little clue as to what my designs may look like, the banner resembles some of my new collections:) Have a happy day! Hugs, Kimberly

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

A little Inspiration

One Bible verse that is truly Inspiring no mater what version of the bible you have is Psalms 119: 105 It reads " Your word is a Lamp to my foot, and a Light to my roadway" Some versions say pathway but anyway you put it, its just one of thousands of quotes of wisdom we were given by God to make our paths straight. On another note looks like Shabby Rose Studio is turning in a new direction " Stationery"(hence the bookmarks) using my graphic art in all kinds of venues , journals, scrapbooking, cards, bookmarks, albums , creative kits and so much more. We will soon be represented by a huge stationery company . I have been designing night and day so as to submit all of my themes and designs for distribution. Soon you will see a new look on my website, I'm so exited but a bit overwhelmed! The book marks are part of the collection, I'm rooting for them as they havent been accepted yet, let me know what you all think, are they a keeper? I have more quotes to have printed with different designs to come. These are available on my website for now so take a peek! I'll keep you all posted, Hugs, Kimberly

Monday, February 11, 2008

Not Life Altering ~ Just Cupcakes

This post may not be life altering, or blogging with a purpose, but just fun! I thought that was what blogging was all about? I know many bloggers out there are "telling their story" sharing their daily struggles, some loosing loved ones, coping with cancer, makes my cupcake post seem silly. Well, if you think it's silly all you have to do is click back to where you came from, no harm done :) I do get tired of people just posting what they sell, nothing wrong with that but I love to read about how people feel or what is going on in their lives, I'v always been curious about people, always gravitated twards bios instead of fiction, whats the point, it never happened! I know alot of movies were created by fiction, creative thinking persons, but just not what I like. So I give you my latest obsession! Voila! The Faux cupcake! I love them, I love making them ( after several trys with different mixes, trial and mostly error lol I figured it out!) Here are some I made and decorated, maybe over the top, who knows. I made a tray of them for my Mom, she loves them, she says she cant stopp looking at them:) Alot of artists make them, i think everyone has had a try at them, mine are a bit bling bling'ish but I love them! I put them up on my Etsy and Ebay and I have them on my website! I guess I'm proud of them. Well hope you enjoy the pics, maybe next post I will have something more blog worthy for you all! Ta Ta Kimberly

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Back Home !

Well, were home! I have had to catch up on sleep from a short vacation :) No sleeping in one those cruise ships, so much to see and do. The shows were great, wish I had video taped them! The best part of the trip was ending up at Coco Cay , a little Island in the Bahamas, my husband spent his time sipping his Bahama Mama in a Hammock . The rough life, while I shopped around for a few goodies to bring home to my family. You will notice the breathtaking blue auqua water, it was stunning. I had to snap photos of our wait staf, they work 6 months straight on the ship, every day! Our waiter doesnt see his family for 6 mos! As soon as we left the ship they start over with another bunch of us tourists boarding the next day. We really enjoyed dinner each night, they were so sweet. The head waiter, Natalia, hamming it up in the photo below, she was so funny, and full of personality. Our waiter, Oliver was so sweet offering us 2 entres and lots of extras, since the food portions ar very tiny, but yummy :) It was a fun time, wish I could go back right now looking at all the photos. Youll notice a towel in the shape of a bunny, the cleaning lady made him and put my sun glasses on him! So cute. Well, I'm back to work! Talk soon, Kim