Thursday, September 18, 2008

Calling All Embellishers! Book Deal!

Hi Eveyone! I'm not talking about the little white lies or storytellers, I'm talking about those beautiful artists out there who create the most divine objects! Paper art, Crowns, journals, canvas art, crafts, clothing art, anything you can embellish with a glue gun, glue, sew, you get the idea! I'm looking for all such Artists who would like to be in my new BOOK! Yippee, this is so much fun, lots of work on my part as well as a little work on your parts to send me un -sized photos of your work. Your photos will be fully protected and credit given for the art and photography. The book will contain your shop or blog to where the readers can purchase such art. You will need to email that info along with your photo. Well, it's going to be lots of work but in the end well have a gorgeous book everyone will want to have! Some of the pages will contain how too projects, where to find products, and beautiful color photos of the art in our home, settings or staged setting. I hope you all will pass this around, I'll be visiting many blogs inviting you all to come over too.... I can't mention the Title yet, soon I hope! This book will be sold in all major bookstores and available on my website. Even if you think you may not be an artist, many of you don't give yourself enough credit for the sweet things you come up with ! Even if your a crafter at home and just keep your creations you can share them with thousands! BE SURE to leave a comment on this post if you would like to have your work in the book, it will help me compile a list much easier than having to hunt you down :) Don't forget tell everyone!! Thanks bunches, Kimberly

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

My new Magazine!

Well, nice thought! I did this at flickr, it would be a dream to have my own magazine , maybe someday.... thought this was so much fun you will have to give it a try and make your own magazine i'd love to see what everyone would come up with!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

I'v been Tagged! & COCO!

This is my first time ever being tagged, gee I'v been feeling really left out :( But , then my sweet friend Sherry of Sherry's Rose Cottage came along and tagged me! Its always nice to be asked a few questions about who you are and what you like. I was so bummed out this weekend waiting and waiting for some beautiful photos to come out (that were asked for) in Country Victorian Magazine. I finally got my hands on the new issue and was so exited, but quickly going thru page after page and there were no photos! Well, needless to say it was a bummer! My consolation prize was at least my friend Cathy Scalise is in the magazine and she has one of my TEA & SWEETS displayed in her kitchen photo! It looks so sweet. Anyway, I'll stop whining.....for now :) Back to being tagged!

If you have been tagged, here is what is requested:

1. Link your tagger and list these rules on your blog.2. Share 7 facts about yourself on your blog, some random, some weird...

3. Tag 7 people at the end of your post by leaving their names as well as well as links to their blogs.

4. Let them know they are tagged by leaving a post on their blog. So here we go.......

1. I was raised in the Circus , my Dad was a Tiger Trainer and I rode Horses.

2. I'v always wanted Blond hair.

3. I'm addicted to Flickr, I could spend hours searching photos on subjects I love.

4. I'm a Cottage Girl at heart

5. I love Biographys

7. I would love to design Shabby Romantic clothing

Well, that wasnt so hard, I thought I'd wake a few of you up with the first one :) Its true! I forgot to mention my mother Rode Elephants, she was amazing and graceful at her job. My parents were " the Best" in their day.

Did any of you get to watch the COCO Chanel movie on Lifetime last night? Wow, I loved it and was so inspired by her story, I never knew what a go getter she was, all the heartache and triumph! Here is the link to a look inside Coco's beautiful apartment !

Friday, September 5, 2008

New Paintings & Queen of Shabby Blog!

Thank you all for your kind notes regarding my "Smokey" he surely is missed around helps knowing I wasnt alone in making that call..... Well, on another note here is what I have been up too....painting of course.... here is a pretty antique table I painted all free hand, even the scrolls....I love how it came out. I plan on doing more furniture soon. On another note I was so thrilled to visit Chris' (Tutti Chic) blog, she has a link to Rachael Ashwells new blog! I was so thrilled, I think it all started when I first picked up a Shabby Chic book, I looked at all the scuffed beautiful architectural elements, white sofa,fluffy squishy pillows mixed with beautiful crystal chandeliers ,oil paintings of roses and knew thats what I loved ! I still have my book and bought her second. Ohh the cable show on style really did it for me.....watching Christie Repasy give a demonstration of her oil painted roses, thats when I knew I was going to paint roses ! When you think of it , all our blogs really were inspired of her style one way or another, wouldnt it be neat to have that type of influence on a huge number of people! I'm sure she is very humbled at the thought! I'll stop rambling on and on and here is our reigning Queen Rachael Ashwell's new blog! Good day to you all, Hugs, Kimberly