Sunday, September 9, 2007

Brook's Cozy Cottage Studio!

Hi all! This week has been trying indeed with a huge paypal scam of over 38 ebayers and website owners involved including me. We have all been hit hard , this is a waiting game for sure! I will keep you all posted on the outcome. In the midst of all this stress my friend Brook Ebay id ( Decoratingwithroses ) has sent me a beautiful picture of her newly decorated studio, how beautiful it is and it features 4 of my hand painted chairs! I looks so cozy i thought you all would enjoy the photo. If any of you would like to show off your beautiful home or favorite spaces & places please email me with photos i'd love to show everyone! Thank you Brook!! Kim

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

New Hp ROSES Furniture Page !

We will be adding a new page to the website for special antique funiture hand painted! Mostly chairs, end tables ,coffee tables, smaller items but will also do custom orders too. This will be wonderful since i love to paint furniture and i know alot of you love handpainted items! This is my latest that will be added this week to the website an antique tall table or nightstand, its so pretty i hate to let it go! Enjoy the week, Kim

Country Victorian Magazine Photos!

Here are the pictures! They are so pretty , i have added some also of my friend Cathy Scalise's beautiful Cottage makeover! She is a very talented decorator i loved the pictures. Her website is Its a beautifull website !

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Country Victorian Magazine!

I'm so thrilled to open the new Issue of Country Victorian magazine and find a great picture of my hand painted candle holders ! This is very exiting for me! This is thanks to Debra @ She has been so wonderful in helping our website along i really am so grateful. She goes out of her way for her customers. The website is beautiful indeed! I'm honored to be mentioned in the new winter issue of the magazine , i'll post pics tomorrow ! The issue is lovely . Thanks Deb !!