Friday, June 19, 2009

It's the WEEKEND!

I always look forward to the weekend, this weekend we are having a yard sale, time to get rid of the clutter, I don't have too much clutter just enough to drive you crazy, or me crazy, I've gotten a little neurotic in my young age of 42 well almost 42 June 30Th. Here are a few things I have been working on. I love the lilacs painting and the little cottage painting. So sweet..... Wish me luck at the yard sale, should be fun though it's so hot here in Jacksonville you can hardly breath in the heat of the day. I picked up my new issue of Romantic Country magazine today it's just full of beauty.... perhaps the best magazine issue ever, home after home wow, usually the other magazines just shoot the same home or shop time after time, it gets boring,I'm so happy Romantic Country has Ms . Fifi, she is very talented, great style and seems so sweet to boot! She's making these Metal primitive hearts customized , which I will get one of , when she has more time, which is very rare I'm sure, still thinking of what I want mine to say, they are adorable, I cant imagine they are easy to make either! Stop by and see Fifi's Hearts, I'm sure it's nothing new to you all, if you blog you know who Fifi is! Happy weekend , thanks for taking the time to visit me , love comments too!! Hugs,

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Painting Again......

Lately I have been consumed with our new little venture ParisRags.....I haven't painted much....I suddenly had the desire to paint! So here are a few pretties and some mosaic work i did, another craft I love, it's so relaxing you can't imagine! I finished three pieces in one night with the exception of grouting and sealing them. I've added so many things to the website, little treasures I've treasured for a while and new found pretties. I only wish I could stick with one art form, and be really great at it. I seem to have so many crafts up in the air....I have two antique Boothe's here in Jacksonville 2 websites, ebay auctions, Etsy shop and sell a few things here and there on Craigslist! You might think I was rich by now :) Thanks for stopping by to read my little blog, hope you have a great week!