Thursday, January 31, 2008

Bon Voyage!

Well , thanks to my husbands generous company we will be taking a cruise to the Bahamas, Cococay and back! We will be gone Friday- tuesday! This is a picture of our actual ship Sovereign Of The Seas . I cant wait, looks like so much fun. I'll be back with all the fun details :) See you soon, Kimberly

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

10 Years! Where have they gone?

Todays post is a little late so by the time my daughter see's it she will be ready for bed :) Since she is at my parents till thursday I wanted to post a little photo gallery for her, she loves to look at all her pictures of when she was a baby. Here is a little cupcake I made for you Kayla! My first faux cupcake that you can keep:) Wish you were still that little chubby cheek baby again, now your growing into a lovely lady, I love the ballet pic , she is so graceful. Love you see you in a few days! Love and Kisses , Momma

Friday, January 25, 2008

Architectural Romance & A new Blogger!

I wanted to take the time to Welcome another new blogger! Debi Coules , anyone who loves romantic roses art will know her, she has a blog now! Be sure to stop over and say hi, also, take a look at her beautiful art. If there were anyone I would consider my Competition it would be Debi ! I was thrilled that she let me make her beautiful blog banner, she was great to work with turning out a lovely romantic header.

My last visit to Sarasota, where my parents live, I stoped by the most Romantic spots I know, Sarasota Salvage, I know your thinking the most Romantic Place? When you walk into this place it just takes you back in time, though most everything is old , peeling chippy paint, musty, dusty, I can just picture in my head what certain objects looked like when they were in their prime, it gives you the chills! I can also picture what most treasures will look like after I paint them with roses, oh no Not the patina, almost never, just adding roses , a cottage scene, birds gives each piece new life to last for years. Here is an old Craftsman Home Porch post I just finished also added a Mosaic top, great for a plant stand, they would have put the house number on this chippy guy, heavy, peeling paint, full of rusty nails! Shawn , one of the Salvage guys said, what are you going to do with this old thing lol Well, if he could only see it now! I picked up a few treasures, a sweet old door with 4 mini glass paynes, cant wait to start on it. Then a few little what nots I will have to post later on, I love little treaures too. Take a look at that HUGE chandelier , it was taken from a very old theater that was demolished :( What a sin! Enjoy the pics and take a peek at Sarasota Salvage on line Enjoy!

Gorgeous Antique Stained glass window!

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Bienvenue & Who's New!

Hi Everyone! Just wanted to take a minute and Welcome my sweet friend Brook, a wonderful mosaic artist and decorator! Brook has collected my art for a while and has some of my best furniture pieces. I posted pics of her charming cottage studio in my august post displaying some of my cottage roses chairs. Her mosaic work is lovely, very feminine and of course lots of pinks! I still cant believe shes a Gramma look at that photo, she looks way too young ! Be sure to stop by and see her new blog HERE
On a Sad note I will also mention that our dear friend Diane(PetticoatJunction) could use some friendly comments, here daughter was in a terrible accident! I'm sure she could use a few friends right now, she has been thru so much. Brooks new Blog banner by Me! Isnt it Romantic....

Monday, January 14, 2008

Simply~ Jane Austen

How thrilling it was last night to sit in peace and watch the beginning of Materpiece Theaters 1St presentation of a collection of Jane Austens classics! The first was " Persuasion" I thought that Pride and Prejudice was my all time favorite with Mr. Darcy being my sweetie :) But , so long Mr.Darcy the Captain is in town! Capt. Fredrick Wentworth Oh my he's just so mysterious . This episode was so romantic and very on the edge of your seat exiting! They offer the Dvd's @ 19.99 I think I may purchase this one. I'm so looking forward to the next story on Sunday. Each Sunday for the next 4 mos. tune in for another Jane Austen classic. What a romantic she was. Click Here to see the video for scenes of Persuasion. I hope some of you had a chance to see it last night! I was captivated ! Read Jane Austen's Bio here.
I hope you all enjoy! Keep your Sunday evenings open for Jane, maybe invite a few girlfriends over for the show. I just may have a Jane Austen party!

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

What's New!

Lovely gift from Natasha, sweet Lavender Soaps! I love them :)Shes the sweetest ever!! My lovely fellow Romantic friend Alice (of PAINTED WHITE, formerly Fadedrosecottage) featured some of my photographs , I was thrilled to see them! Thank you Alice for the wonderful compliments on my art work, your so kind:) I hope you all will visit HERE to see the Featured Vignette of the moment!

Hello everyone! Long time no post I know :) I have been enjoying a long visit with my family in Sarasota with intentions of bringing my little princess home , but since school had not started in our area I thought she could stay a few more days to her and my parents sheer delight! After some remodeling to my parents home I helped out by cleaning up some full boxes of "stuff". My Mom has the sweetest little cottage style home so I thought i'd post a few picks of it today and a few of what I have been up to in my studio. Instead of spreading out all the glitter and paper crafts now I have beads EVERYWHERE! In my bed, on the floor, stuck to my skin, you name it :) My kitties were even playing with some beads on the tile floor! Well , as long as they are having fun :) My new obsession is making Victorian style chokers and other jewelry in that style. I was so inspired by the Michal Negrin designs thought I would try my hand at it. Heres the link to see a few more picks of the Victorian Collection . Also my sweet friend Natasha sent me the most girly sweet package of lavender scented soaps from Cath Kidston collection! They are so dainty and smell divine :) I found a pretty jar and covered the top with lace and then embellished it with roses so I could display my pretty soaps in my bath! Thank you so much Natasha!! Enjoy the photos and can't wait to catch up on all my favorite blogs including my new discovery LU LA"S Place She makes the most beautiful Jeweled frames I have ever seen , so be sure to welcome her to Blog land :) Have a happy day! Love , Kimberly