Thursday, May 22, 2008

Virtual Decor Party( Fiesta)

Be sure to click on the link to the right for my friend Marina's Decorating party, she is a talented spanish tv Decorator show host . I love her blog and all the beautiful rooms and designs she features. Here are a few of my favorite photos of my home and some art. Be sure to see all the participants ! Lots of design inspiration!! Hugs, Kimberly

Saturday, May 17, 2008

New Place mats !Not your normal Place mat :)

I was thrilled to find these pre-cut canvas place mats . These I painted a pale powder blue with huge roses in pinks with a border of Gold french scroll work. All hand painted. I'm offering them with pale pink, white and pale blue backgrounds. You can see them on my website. I think they are so pretty! I've been busy with re decorating our kitchen, hubby has been re- staining all the cabinets, what a job! But think of the moolah we will save. Keeping busy with homeschooling also, one more month till my daughter is evaluated by a teacher, I'm so nervous but she is so bright , I know she'll do well. This is our first year home schooling. I was a bit frantic yesterday when I received a notice from paypal, all of you who went thru that big mess last Sept know how it just consumed all our money and time, well, yet another customer has reported I hadn't sent two items, so therefore paypal has taken out a large sum of my money, bringing back some awful memories of last Sept. Thank goodness I have a delivery confirmation receipt. Hope full paypal will see in my favor, but still having your money taken without notice , money you need is so stressful even more now since this business is so very slow for allot of us. Have a lovely weekend everyone . Thanks so very much for all the sweet comments on my last post, you all make my day! Hugs, Kimberly

Thursday, May 1, 2008

French Style Aubusson Floor Cloth Rugs

I'm so exited to preview my new Hand painted floor Cloth rugs. I love them , they are so durable and functional. I loved the idea that my art work would be functional not just hanging on a wall but actually have a purpose. After doing tons of research, my rugs are pet, spill and heavy traffice friendly! You can mop them with a mild detergent thanks to many layers of poly sealer.Needless to say these works of art are so time consuming, alot of prep work before you even get to start on the design. They lay flat on wood flooring and carpet as well. I hand painted al lthe roses and used beautiful scroll stencils for borders. I have tons of new designs coming soon. Since money is tight for everyone I thought it would be so nice to paint something we all need, rugs!! I'm a rug-A-holic I buy them and toss them out frequently after they get worn. The floor cloth will be around for a very long time!! Who could throw out a work of art! I have so many ideas for designs not only with roses but many different styles. Beach, french country, to name a few. Thanks for looking and hope you all have a lovely weekend coming up Hugs, Kimberly