Friday, November 30, 2007

Take Your Breath Away Romantic Designer

Careful girls, when you visit this amazing website i stumbled upon.... I just about gasped for air as i viewed incredibly romantic designs by designer Michal Negrin take a look but be sure to have lots of credit on your cards! This designer lives in my mind! I think if i had the resources i would be designing clothes and jewelry in this style, pure romance. I even found tons her her jewelry pieces on eBay, pretty high end. Gorgeous eye candy. I love finding beautiful websites, i only wish there were more pictures of her designs. Her designs inspire more of my sachets made from vintage and antique textiles, i love that look, I'm not sure which blog i was on but one woman dressed up old bottles with lace and rhinestones and wow they were beautiful! Enjoy the website! You must go to this Atlantic City site to tour the new Shop via video, wait till you see the rugs and hand painted roses tile! The video is short so take a peek. Let me know how you all like it, i wonder if any of you have been to this beautiful Romantic shop? I just found this virtual tour of her personal home OMG!!

Friday, November 23, 2007

60 Years Young !

This Post tonight is for my beautiful mother who turns 60 tomorrow! She doesn't look a day over 40! I guess our English skin we inherited from my grandmother has alot to do with it! Here is a special lavender cupcake just for you Momma! The card below i made has alot that reminds me of you, the Victorian gingerbread home of course since you Love old homes i can see you living there :) Then the lilacs which remind me of Gramma too and lavender is your favorite color..... then the old post card with the little girl and her Momma that's me & you , then the lace and rhinestones that's you! Anyway just want you to know how much i love you! I'm glad you were born , Love you xoxoxo Kimmy

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Vintage is "Sew" Sweet !

I love making lavender filled sachets, its a nice break from painting. Here are two vintage inspired hanging sachets. All prettied up with roses , pearls, antique french lace, ribbons and bark cloth. They smell beautiful. I made these two last night , but I'm off to scour the antique shops nearby to find some vintage embellishments! I'm running out and that's not good :) Have a lovely week ! Kimberly

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Join Natasha's Virtual Prom !

Allmost fogot the shoes! A girl really needs lipstick too! Perfect shade for my dress :)
Ahh need the perfume ,,,,, cant leave the house with out it!

My friend Sarah is ready too were both waiting on our dates!

I love this vintage pink dress, but a little too small....

I think this one is lovely ! Ohh lala reminds me of french lace!

I thought this was a fun idea, i love old vintage prom dresses so for fun thought i'd join in. I found so many pretty dresses but heres what i chose! Hope you like it, its a soft nude color with lace ohh lala ! Click on Natashas link to the right to get the whole scoop on this prom!

Monday, November 12, 2007

To Paint or Not to Paint is the question !

Here is the table i have been working on for a while now. I think it came out so pretty. The table is simple but the roses are dramatic! I was unsure of taking a paint brush of pink paint to this old antique drop leaf table but i kept seeing it pink for some reason. I can always see my next treasure all painted, sometimes its white then other times i see pale blue. Often i see a really out of the ordinary color i might not normally use like a bright aqua, i did a chair in that color with lovely roses and it turned out so pretty. I was hesitant to paint the table since it is circa late 1800's and worth allot even unpainted with old dings and scratches. But i just had to do it!Anyway here are a few pics and it will be up this evening on the website. On another note, thank you Barbara J.,Natasha & Lori for your comments this am i was so happy and thrilled to have comments from women i admire so much, your like Royalty ! I'm new at this blog stuff it's thrilling to get comments. It cozies up my blog like a fire cozies up a living room :) Thanks so much! I will be putting up some new decorating pics i have soon so that might be fun too. I love decorating, i get into different moods, i love my bedroom which everyone calls it the Paris Suite :) Its very romantic and when kept up is a pleasant room to look at :) Have a lovely day everyone! Kimberly

Friday, November 9, 2007

Getting Creative !

Here are a few items i have been working on, i pulled myself away from the computer after designing more hang tags ! They came out lovely and look even better with the ribbons. I finally sat down to paint a few things , the bird house i finished earlier this month, it came out so lovely, i love the combination of mosaics and hand painted roses. The box is one of my favorites...... I'm working on a very pretty dropleaf table , and its pink, turning out just so pretty cant wait till its finished. Thanks for all the emails on the new website front page design, after quite a few trys i finally think i have a keeper ! check it out here if you havent seen it yet, i love comments and love looking at all the shabby beautiful blogs out there i think i am addicted ! Have a perfectly Rosy weekend enjoy the cool weather, i sure am:) Kimberly

Monday, November 5, 2007

Krafty Kim @ work & a little Play!

I have had alot of fun this weekend creating my new Home page logo. I cant stop!! So i got to work and came up with this pair of beautiful unique candle holder centerpieces. They are so pretty with pearls, ribbons, antique plates, silk roses and much more sparkly eye candy! They are tea cups mounted up high so they dont get lost in the frou frou :) They come with a set of hand painted roses candles with little french gold dot scroll work. I think they will be so romantic for your family gathering. This week i will have more pretties up on the site as i am gearing up to stay off ebay once again, its so hard but i think it will be for the best in the long run, lets hope so. Thanks for stopping in i'll have more goodies to share soon. Till then have a great week ! Kimberly