Tuesday, April 8, 2008

MY Favorite Photos by ME :)

I'll be back soon, been sick and very busy, hope all of you are well! Enjoy a few of my favorite creations. Hugs, Kimberly


Lori @ Katies Rose Cottage said...

Kimberly ~ Your work is just gorgeous ! I hope you are feeling better soon !

~Becca~Bluebird Rose said...

Thank you for sharing your beautiful photos! Hope you feel better soon! :)

Alice W. said...

Love all your photos! And all your romantic ways...

PurpleFlowerFairy said...

oooh kim! those photos are GORGEOUS!!! i want/NEED (lol!) one of everything. hope you're feeling better soon. hugs, debbie =)

mylulus said...

kimberly you are soooo talented,
I dont think there is nothing you cant do.
im so sorry to hear your sick
I can relate I had that flu for over a month!
take care,

Brook said...

Gorgeous photos Kim!!! Love the chairs!!! Love it all!


cherub*wishes said...

Hi Kimberly ~
I loved every single one of your beautiful photos ~ I hope your are feeling tons better now ~

Lee Laurie said...

Kimberly,all of your work is so beautiful!Your whole blog is just so gorgeous and the music is very relaxing.Everything looks so romantic.

KimberlyRyanDesigns said...

thank you Lee Laurie! Thanks so much to Lori, Becca,Alice, Debbie,Sandy,Brook & Dionne!

Ronda said...

Hi, Kim! So wonderful to hear from you! I hope you're well on the road to recovery now.

When did you turn 40?!! No way, you're just pretending! :-))) Loved both of your slide shows. Your work is gorgeous as always, and you know how much I treasure the pieces I own!

I'm sorry I missed your decorating poll, but I'm gonna weigh in anyway. I, too, have thought a lot recently about changing to the chocolate/aqua or even chocolate/pink colorway. When we moved last year, we even thought about going super mod in citrus colors!!!

But then I look around my pink and white and aqua and white rooms and sigh blissfully. Those colors are so peaceful and relaxing (and as my husband likes to say, I am a high-maintenance person who needs all the peace and relaxation I can get -- I ASSUME by that he means high ENERGY..... :-))).

You CAN live simply and clutter-free with 'shabby chic' and turn it into casual elegance. We got rid of so much last year when we moved, and I was so worried it wouldn't be the same or wouldn't evoke the same feeling,or wouldn't feel like home any more, but if you choose your furniture and fabrics and accessories carefully and choose only what you REALLY REALLY love with all your heart, it truly will come together for you.

We also try to some extent to live by a "one in, one out" rule these days since our place is so tiny. If I find something I just HAVE TO HAVE, I try to move something else along to a new happy home. Of course, that only happens about maybe half the time, but it helps to at least be THINKING that way. :-))).

So what did you decide to do? Can't wait to hear and to see more photos!

Warmest regards, Ronda

Maria Jové said...


your blog is lovely

nice, nice, nice

thank you

Fabulous Finds Studio said...

Everything is so beautiful. Thanks for sharing these photos with us :-)

Have a fabulous day!