Saturday, March 29, 2008

Are You Green?

Gee how did his picture get in there?? Hmmm well I guess because Carter is a very "Green Guy" :)

Many of you know I love to re-use old furniture , transform it for another life. I hate tossing out things I think that could be re- purposed. Though I am good at that, I think I do need to work on being more Green wise when it comes to the earth. I love all the Green tips Carter Oosterhouse has on his website as well as his show Carter Can on hgtv. One of which is very interesting, did you know that when your tv etc is turned off, it still draws power? All you have to do it unplug your appliances and it will save energy and money! Thats just one tip of hundreds ! MY friend Robin @Paris Bebe fabrics inspired todays post, mentioning that today is turn off your lights for one hour in your house between 8 pm and 9pm Tonight , seems this will happen around the world! I'm not sure I can break away from HGTV or not but will sure try :) Enjoy all the "GREEN " picks and have a wonderful weekend! Kimberly


Di said...

Don't know how Carter got there but please send him my way! LOL!

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Penny @ Lavender Hill Studio said...

Hi Kimberly~!
I have always been eco conscious...My father was a great teacher. He was an architect and followed Frank Lloyd Wright. I grew up camping in National forests, in tents, leaving no trace of debris when we left.

I always try to buy eco safe products, recycle, compost, etc...

Felicia said...

Beautiful greens :)

Alice W. said...

Yay for going green ;) Love all the "green" photos!

We are trying to do our little part in the world over here too...if everyone did...what a big difference it would make!