Monday, March 10, 2008

New Website Up and Running!

Well, alot of hard work my hubby Stephen has put into our website the past month, I think it came out pretty. It's a bit more elegant, it was time for a little change. I love damask and elegant prints, the bow is so pretty too. I'm not one to keep things the same, I always need change, so maybe in a few years well change again! Take a peek at the new site HERE

On another note, let me tell you a funny story. Well , months ago, maybe a year? Hmmm not really sure but my friend Robin Mynatt owner of ParisBebe fabrics kindly let me use one of her fabrics for an ebay graphic banner , well, I used it then asked her lol. But I thought that was so sweet of her. I found out she collected old recipe boxes, so I painted her one, well it took me a long while to get my act together and finish it then send it! Too long I'm ashamed to say :( Anyway finally did it and I checked her blog today and voila! The pictures of it are on her recent post! I'm so thrilled she liked it , go HERE to see her blog, very talented designer and super sweet , the best!


My Pink Boutique said...

Kimberly, the new web site is beautiful! You and hubby did a great job!

And I love the box you painted, too!

Hugs, :)

mylulus said...

I love the new site!
just beautiful!

Miss Sandy said...

Love the new look on your site! The box is awesome!

I wanted to stop by and extend an invitation to a blog event I am hosting on Thursday, March 20, 2008, An Easter Parade, in celebration of the first official day of Spring and Easter. A give away will be held in conjunction with the event. For full details, see todays blog post. I hope to see you there!

Natasha Burns said...

Love the new site Kim!
And without a doubt, that is the prettiest recipe box I have ever seen!!! Robyn is so lovely isn't she!

Lori @ Katies Rose Cottage said...

Kimberly ~ That is gorgeous !!! I am off to visit Robyns blog ~