Sunday, January 25, 2009

Flea Market Fun!

Janet aka Shabbyfufu stopped by for a visit. It was so nice to meet her after all these years!

We arrived home last Sunday evening from our first Mount Dora Extravaganza selling trip. The first night we arrived it was freezing! This is Fl we are always sweating and complaining that it never gets cold:) It was all so funny after you look back... Out in the cold almost nightfall trying to set up this 10x20 tent just out of the box in the freezing cold! My daughter stayed in the car all warm and cozy while she watched us set up, better than comedy tv! We finally got it set up now time to set up camp with a kerosene heater my husband brought, wow those things get hot, but thank goodness since we thought it might be nice to camp with our stuff for the first night, not realizing it would be that cold. Then we get the air bed out and realized the pump need batteries, oh my mcgyver husband rigged up his drill battery to the pump and we finally had our mattress! Eating dinner was great fun too, NOT popping lots of cans of ravioli and cooking them on the heater, it really works! The next day was fun filled with cold wind blowing the tent down lol I'll spare you the details...Saturday was a great sunny but cool day,,,,we sold lots and someone actually bought my dress form which wasn't for sale, with ALL my clothing , bag, jewelry and hat! He made me an offer I couldn't refuse lol Lots of work went into getting there, I painted till I couldn't for sure. We met allot of great people that were set up next to us all around. A screenwriter who writes while his wife sells her goods, Katrina who has amazing style, she has a shop in Michigan called Paris . On our right we met Kathy and her sweet hubby, Kathy is so talented we discovered, she makes these amazing bags , she loves the 40's and it shows! These bags were made so well,,, each stitch was perfect. Very creative and fun, I know shop owners out there would love to get their hands on them. She makes them out of vinyl , fabric and fabric transfers. The handles are lucite looking and some are a bamboo....very cool ! You can email Kathy here if you want one , I think she will have them on Etsy soon! It was a pleasure to see her each day, we miss them! We might be back at the end of February not sure, still recovering from the last trip! Paris Rags did so well, I'm exited to open the website, I'm back to sewing and getting ready for the opening.... seems like deppresion chic is the in thing now! Talk to you all soon, thanks for stopping by and saying hi! It makes my day:) Kimberly


Vintage Lizzie said...

Hey Sweet Thing!!!...LOVE your pics and makes me remember the days of doing shows...and the WIND!!...I now have a wind Phobia after my tent blew down one time!...Your things are just scrumptious!!!...Love EVERYTHING!...Thanks for the info on blog comments!!!..I truly appreciate the help!!!!...Big hugs!

Shabbyfufu said...

Hi Kim~ it was so great to meet you too and I enjoyed seeing your gorgeous new creations in person! I think that the Paris Rags is going to be a HUGE HIT for you, and I hope to find a piece for myself next time that I see you. Glad to hear that you did so well at the show~not surprising:-). ~XO~Janet

sandra said...

Kim, Your booth was just jaw dropping beautiful!!!! Oh, I'm just going to have to make it down to one of your shows. Sounds like you had a few "hic cups", but was worth it in the end. I know everyone must have gone crazy over your beautiful creations. Good luck on your's gorgeous as well.

Marie Antionette said...

Being cold is not a fun thing.LOL...I love your things.I hope you did well on your trip,minus the batteries and such.LOL Hugs Marie Antionette


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Cathy said...


I see a few things in these pictures that I own in my very own humble abode. I am so lucky to have your stunning pieces of artwork to look at each day. My friends ooh and aah over them too! Keep up the amazing work
sweet pea.

xo Cathy

Debi said...

Hi Kim,
All I can say is GORGEOUS!! I love love your clothing and everything else! You must have had so much fun....inspite of the wind!!
Great job!

Becky said...

Hi Kim,
Now I wish that I had gone to the Extravaganza. I would have loved to have met you. Maybe in Feb. We did the show a year or so ago and honey it was so cold I had on my mom's old fur coat. We brought our rv and stayed on the hill. It was alot of fun. Maybe I will give it a try again this year. Set up and take down can be a pain. Hope you did very well.
Your dress form was fabulous. Have you seen some of the ones at the Cat's Meow in Vinice FL?
Go take a peek for some wonderful ideas.
I am enjoying my pretty things.


Hi Kim,
Everything looks so pretty in your booth. I hope you did well.
I see Janet made it there. LUV her!
Your daughter is growing up and she is very pretty!


Bev said...

Wow what beautiful items you have in your booth...just awesome!!!

The Victorian Parlor said...

What a great flea market! It looks like such fun!

Tutti Chic said...

What great photos! I'm glad you finally got to meet Ms. fufu! Looks like you ahd a great tiime despite the cold! I'm off to see what's new with your beautiful art work~:) chris

Anonymous said...

Hey Kim
I used to love going to the Extravaganza! Love your new clothing line too.

SherryRoseBella said...

Kimberly...sounds like you had fun even with a few set backs! Glad you sold alot and plan to go back. Is the Extravaganza held each month? I was thinking of trying to get there in March if it is.
love & hugs,

dvora said...

love your flea market stuff...its my favored !!!

Marie Antionette said...

Ws passing though for a visit.Have you found anymore exciting things?You sure have a talent for flea marketing.LOL Marie Antionette

Shabby Addict said...

Wow! You have the most darling booth! I wish I lived closer so I could shop your booth..wind or not! Everything looks so yummy ;)

Birds of a Feather said...

thanks for stopping by, and for your lovely comments!

beautiful booth! i can't wait for brimfield (MA,) in my neck of the woods.

xo heidi

Anonymous said...

Cold!!!?? Ha! Ha! Flea Market? Sooo elegant,when can I move in..I love the windows on tent walls..I could live there with all your pretties. I am glad the economy is good in FLA for shabby chic! I always wanted to do shows.Mainly prim,folk earthy up North here! Bleck!I love Shabby Fu Fu's pink hoodie! Depression Chic Ha ha!