Thursday, August 9, 2007

New Studio

This week has been so busy painting , organizing you name it, my husband took off a week from work to help me around the home. We finished my studio office room finally! It came out so lovely so i thought i'd show off my husbands handy work :) He painted it a pale blue and added shelves and chippy iron brackets, it looks fantastic with all my pink roses. I love entering the room it's so me , blues and pinks. The room is also where my daughter will study at her desk and be able to look out the huge window into the back yard of hydrangeas and other pretty plants n trees. So different from a normal classroom! She hasnt seen it yet and will be so exited when she returns home with my parents. My new prints are almost ready , husband is making the antique molding frames as we speak, i'm so exited as they are all printed up and are beautiful! I have a few more hand painted items to add to website tonight and tomorrow to keep an eye out:) Have a rosy evening!


Lori @ Katies Rose Cottage said...

Kim ~
Your office is just gorgeous !!! Ohhhh you are a lucky lady to get to work in such beauty ! Your daughter will be surrounded in beauty too! what could be better ~

villarosa said...

OH Kim, it is lovely to see where you create the beautiful items you make! And Micayla gets to enjoy such a lovely room to learn in! You are so talented!